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Shadows in the Snow

"The Point is the music, not the story."

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Name:Lemuel Pitkin
Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I look at a screen and type all day at work. Do you really think hiw'm juiced on the idea of describing myself on a white text field at 6:38pm on a Monday afternoon?

But I sort of have to. I'm trying to get used to the idea of writing after work. If I don't, work will ruin writing for me altogether. I'm not keen on letting "The Man" mar something that's brought me so much joy in life.

I'm a raging geek who consumes many cans of soup. I write literary criticism for kicks because I miss college. I try not to vent about personal shit, but sometimes, I forget that I'm not 21 anymore and that no one wants to read a 28 paragraph lament on how my life, like, TOTALLY disagrees with me.

If you like peanut butter but hate Sarah Palin, we'll probably get along.

Probably. I never make promises. There are people in this world who like peanut butter, who abhor Sarah Palin, but nonetheless believe Michael Bay to be a competent storyteller and not a glorified pyromaniac.

Welcome to not-Thunderdome. Leave your kittens at the door. No, not because I'm allergic. I don't trust the selfish bastards.
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