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Shadows in the Snow

"The Point is the music, not the story."

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Name:Lemuel Pitkin
Birthdate:Sep 3
Location:Virginia, United States of America
I look at a screen and type all day at work. Do you really think hiw'm juiced on the idea of describing myself on a white text field at 6:38pm on a Monday afternoon?

But I sort of have to. I'm trying to get used to the idea of writing after work. If I don't, work will ruin writing for me altogether. I'm not keen on letting "The Man" mar something that's brought me so much joy in life.

I'm a raging geek who consumes many cans of soup. I write literary criticism for kicks because I miss college. I try not to vent about personal shit, but sometimes, I forget that I'm not 21 anymore and that no one wants to read a 28 paragraph lament on how my life, like, TOTALLY disagrees with me.

If you like peanut butter but hate Sarah Palin, we'll probably get along.

Probably. I never make promises. There are people in this world who like peanut butter, who abhor Sarah Palin, but nonetheless believe Michael Bay to be a competent storyteller and not a glorified pyromaniac.

Welcome to not-Thunderdome. Leave your kittens at the door. No, not because I'm allergic. I don't trust the selfish bastards.

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and more!, arrested development, bastard out of carolina, being apathetic, buffy the vampire slayer (tv), eating, everclear, firefly, garbage, halloween, italian schlock horror, leaving las vegas, leveling up, patsy cline, pink spiders, punch-drunk love, raymond carver stories, reading, six feet under, sleeping, the bloody chamber, the books of blood, the day of the locust, the meaning of life, tom jones, tori amos, tv, warren ellis shits, writing
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